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Work done by Pragati Pratishthan: An epilogue

Inspite of many government schemes, the people here are somehow extremely poor and lack proper availability of basic amenities like health, education and employment. This is where we, at Pragati Pratishthan, come in. The past 30 years have helped us learn what the people of Jawhar Tahsil need to live a life of fulfillment. We have worked towards fulfilling these needs in a constructive and consistent way. This is our story...

It all started with a small hostel for poor children to facilitate their stay near the school, thereby curtailing the long journeys they would have to otherwise undertake. Within a short period, medical facilities were added to the hostel amenities. With increased responsibilities, list of activities of the organization increased. For perpetuating these activities, there was an office set up in Jawhar a managing counsel of 8 members. From then on, Pragati Pratishthan and all its members have not looked back in this revolution.

Come, Join us in this noble cause