Jawhar Tahasil

Jawhar, is a tribal Tahsil of Thane district in Maharashtra state and is comprised of 272 hamlets called "PADAs". The total population in the region is 1, 11,039, of which 99932 (90%) belong to the scheduled tribes while 1106 (1%) belong to Scheduled Caste. Out of the 22311 families, an enormous 18497 (83%) fall under BPL(Below Poverty Line). This population is spread over a large geographical area ( of 153822 acres) having an average population of 100 to 600 in each Pada.

Major Problems faced by the people of Jawhar Tahsil:
Most of the villages do not have tar roads. During monsoon, the villages remain unapproachable for vehicles due to this. Some of the villages do not have electricity. In terms of medical facilities, there is one rural hospital, 7 Public health centers, 28 Public health sub-centers & one mobile squad available for the entire region. But these medical facilities are located 5 to 15 Kms away from the Padas with no decent transportation available.

Out of 272 Padas, only 202 Padas have primary schools. As a result, 6 to 10 year old children from the school deprived Padas end up walking 1-3 Km to attain education. There are no industries or major commercial centres in the region. Therefore the population depends mainly on agriculture for their livelihood. As most of the terrain is hilly, cultivable land is limited to 76817 acres. A major part of this land is not mineral rich for cultivation. Agriculture here depends only on rain for water as there are hardly any facilities for irrigation. This forces most of the farmers to grow only one crop. A research points out that cultivable land holding per family is 1 to 3 acre. As rainfall in India lasts only for a few months, during the non agriculture season, some of the farmers end up migrating to cities for labor work to feed their families back home.